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14. May 2018

Lebensbaum says “no thanks” to GM

Not only our raw materials are free from genetic modification. The same goes for our packaging.
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We do not only take care that our raw materials are 100% free from genetic modification. When looking for alternative packaging options, we therefore sometimes come up against self-set restrictions. Obviously, we could have long since had compostable film – from polylactide PLA – for our packaging. However, this material is based on strengths that are predominantly produced from genetically modified maize – which is out of the question for us.

We have been using cellulose-based material for the film around our tea boxes since the end of 2011. It is compostable, free from genetically modified raw materials and nonetheless fulfils all the criteria we set for our cardboard boxes in terms of protecting flavours. We have not yet changed over to this for all forms of packaging; we are taking a gradual approach because, in addition to all the requirements for being environmental friendly, our packaging must be able to do one thing above all: reliably protect our product.

The intention of eliminating all use of GM technology affects our desks and workspaces, too. Compostable pens are just the start in this respect, and finding these was easier said than done. The drinking cups for our water dispenser are not sourced without thought either – as much so as our garbage bags. We always question the often tempting, supposedly sustainable products on offer.


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Sustainability Sustainability

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Sustainability Sustainability

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