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4. March 2018

One "plastic" is not like another

We are always open for environmentally friendly alternatives. As long as they live up to our quality standards.

The “plastic” which envelopes every single one of our tea boxes has been cellulose-based since 2012. Within a few weeks, the film – which has been produced in a CO2-neutral way – decomposes into its natural components in the household compost. 

We have not yet changed over to this for all forms of packaging; we are taking a gradual approach because, in addition to all the requirements for being environmental friendly, our packaging must be able to do one thing above all: reliably protect our product. 

Our coffee, for example. It is highly hygroscopic. Meaning: Coffee attracts humidity and consequently smells. As long as we cannot find composable films that protect coffee from such influences long term, we stick to out fully recycable foil. 

This also applies to some of our teas: Fruit teas with apple pieces, for example, are also hygroscopic. We cannot use our cellulose-based film for these, yet. We are, however, using them inside our bags for loose tea - on condition that the product has no interest in humidity. 

We are keeping our eyes on this topic and ongoing long-term tests, as we are always checking additional opportunities to use renewable, and possibly compostable, materials for packaging.

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Sustainability Sustainability

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Sustainability Sustainability

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