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19. June 2018

Sekem – Herbs and Spices from the Desert

About 30 years ago, Dr Ibrahim Abouleish started to turn his vision of an oasis in the desert into reality. In the north of Egypt, right in the middle of nowhere, the Demeter farm Sekem came into being.

By now it offers jobs for about 2.000 people. Besides agriculture, Sekem comprises processing plants as well as childcare facilities, a school, a health centre, training centres and a private university. Well over half of all Sekem products are sold in Egypt. 

Ulrich Walter and Ibrahim Abouleish have been connected for 25 years by more than the production of organic foods. For both visionaries, ethical values and economical success are inseparable. And their success proves them right.

Ulrich Walter GmbH was one of the first customers for herbs and spices grown by Sekem and thus made "the whole development of biodynamic medicinal herbs in Egypt possible" (Dr Ibrahim Abouleish). For one another and with one another, the German-Egyptian alliance has grown over the years. 

Dr Ibrahim Abouleish has received numerous awards for the exemplary way in which he has been harmonising ecological, social and cultural aspects. Ulrich Walter was especially proud when his friend and business partner of many years received the German Federal Cross of Merit in 2008.

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