Fair supply chains – We Care!

The supply chain is the decisive factor in turning a conventional product into a sustainable one. Designing a supply chain to the benefit of people and nature is the corporate sustainability claim that we live by. Holding We Care certification means that an independent body has confirmed that we care about sustainability throughout the supply chain across our entire range. To promote fair and eco-friendly food production.

All-round sustainability

We Care is a management standard that reflects corporate social and environmental responsibility along the supply chain and in companies’ own sites for the first time. As such, the certification does not apply to individual products, but to companies and their entire range. Lebensbaum is the first ever manufacturer to complete the pilot certification process. Why? Fairness and sustainability across the supply chain have always been integral to how we do business. With the We Care certification, we are creating even more clarity and transparency with regard to our environmental and social commitment and continuing to meet the most stringent of standards in relation to this.

What makes this certification different: We Care covers all areas of sustainability. Instead of limiting its focus to organic farming, fair trade, climate friendliness, eco-packaging or human rights, it integrates all of these aspects.

We Care in practice

A practical example of We Care: In Ethiopia, we are working with NABU to help smallholder farmers get their coffee certified organic. This gives them more money for their coffee. The project is also developing drinks made from coffee leaves and briquettes made from coffee husks to contribute to nature-friendly development in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve and a green economy in Ethiopia.