Refined in our own roastery

Strong, traditional or mild – a key factor in this is the roasting process. Another, however, is the beans: Arabica beans produce a fine acidity and fruity aroma, while Robusta tastes strong and somewhat bitter. In small quantities, the hand-picked beans are slowly and carefully processed into genuine Lebensbaum coffee under the scrutiny of experienced master roasters.



Let it take you on a journey

Drinking Lebensbaum tea takes you on a journey. Sometimes to faraway places, like the most celebrated tea plantations of Darjeeling. Sometimes to places close at hand, like the Altes Land fruit-growing region near Hamburg, where apples for our fruit teas are picked.



explore the flavour of the world

Food has always been seasoned all over the world. German cuisine was for years dominated by parsley, dill and caraway. More exotic spices like turmeric, chili peppers or ginger remained the domain of distant lands. Today, the taste of the whole world comes together in our kitchen. Herbs and spices stop at no national borders.