Blond Roast Plantation Coffee, whole beans

Mellow, subtly aromatic with pleasantly fruity notes

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Flavour: mellow and subtly aromatic: a pale roasted Demeter Arabica, mild with a pleasant fruity taste

Origin: Mexico, Sierra Madre de Chiapas – Finca Irlanda

Cultivation: in harmony with nature, using the methods of biodynamic agriculture. The coffee cherries are allowed to ripen slowly in cooler altitudes.

Harvesting: by hand, to ensure only ripe coffee cherries are picked and carefully sorted

Roasting: slowly and gently, at lower temperatures for exceptional preservation of flavour                                                                                                         


250 g

Intensity 2


Whole Beans


Drip Coffee


French Press


Super Automatics






Plantagen Kaffee, helle Röstung, Bohne, Lebensbaum
Plantagen Kaffee, helle Röstung, Bohne, Lebensbaum

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  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
° allergen
Arabica Kaffee
Arabica Coffee