Espresso minero, Pads

Strong espresso - intensively full in flavour

Flavour: Strong espresso, intensively full in flavour, with a rich crema and typically Italian aroma

Origin: Arabica beans from the highlands of South and Central America and Robusta beans from Africa and India. We have a bond with our coffee farmers based on a long-term partnership.

Cultivation: Well protected under shade trees, Lebensbaum coffee beans ripen slowly.

Harvesting: Always by hand. Since there are ripe and not yet ripe coffee cherries on the coffee plant at the same time, picking by hand is especially important for ensuring top quality. For Lebensbaum coffees only ripe coffee cherries are picked.

Roasting: We roast our coffees slowly and at a moderate heat so that they can develop their full, well-balanced aroma.

Due to our current packaging changeover, the product image may differ slightly from the actual product.


126 g / 18 Pads



Pad Coffee Machine


Intensity 4,5


Espresso minero, Pads
Espresso minero, Pads Espresso minero, Pads

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  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
° allergen
Arabica Kaffee
Arabica Coffee

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