Piment d´Espelette A.O.P.

For seasoning fish, meat, omelette and more.

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In 1650, travels brought a refined spiciness from Mexico to the Basque region in the form of chilli peppers. Thanks to the climate, the fruit could be grown and refined by means of careful selection.Thereby a local speciality came into being: Only ten French villages are allowed to grow Espelette peppers. The ripe fruit are picked by hand and dried in the sun. As a fine powder, it can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. Add it to fish, meat or omelettes for a pungent spiciness – or give desserts a warming touch.

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50 g

Piment d´Espelette A.O.P.
Piment d´Espelette A.O.P., Gewürze, Lebensbaum, bio Piment d´Espelette A.O.P., Gewürze, Lebensbaum, bio

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