Darjeeling First Flush

Delicate and Flowery Spring Harvest

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Lebensbaum tea plantations, Ambootia Tea Estate: nimble hands pluck the first tea leaves. People raise their voices in song. Perhaps to keep the tiger away? He shrugs his shoulders and disappears into the jungle.

Everywhere you go, the world tastes a bit different. Lebensbaum buyers know this. Brimming with wanderlust, they search far and wide for the best ingredients. And for food for thought. As with tea.

Due to our current packaging changeover, the product image may differ slightly from the actual product.


20 x 1,5 g

Tea Bag in Envelope


Water temperature

80-90 °C

Steeping Time

3 min

Darjeeling First Flush Black tea Lebensbaum organic
Wanderlust Darjeeling First Flush Black tea Lebensbaum organic

Discover the ingredients

  * from organic agriculture
** from biodynamic agriculture
° allergen
Black Tea

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